Spacious rooms and commanding 360 degree views

Our ladrillo brick work is one of the most beautiful in the area. In addition, all the windows and doors are framed in brick and the arches in the front and back patios complete this traditional design.  It is an open floor plan with arched doorways and fireplace.

This is a strong house.  All windows inside are dual pane which keeps house quiet when the winds blow. The house sits on its own mesa without any adjacent neighbor with 360 degree view to sea and mountains.  View Sunrise and Sunset. There is room available to lease more lots for additional bathroom, garage or more bedrooms.

Below is the construction floor plan.  It is simplistic in design with very large rooms and space for additions. 

  • Wake each morning to Sun rising out of the Sea--large bedroom 315 sq feet with walk thru closet, tiled floor

  • Large bathroom 150 sq feet, door to patio, 6' x 4' shower with window to the sea

  • 900 sq foot great room with kitchen, dining and living room

  • large 450 square foot, full height loft with windows and door to deck

  • patio access to 120 square foot room with windows.

  • patio access to 180 square foot room with windows.

  • There are patios off every entry to the house (4)

  • Wood burning fireplace

  • Separate chimney for wood stove

Water:  2 large 450 gallon tanks on upper deck

Propane:  2 tanks 20 pounds each in exterior storage

You lease the land with an agreement between you and Campo owner.  If Campo owner agrees, lease can be 9 years and 363 days with renewals. House sits on 2 lots. More lots can be leased.

There are services available locally for solar system, repairs, new construction, water delivery, propane delivery, tile installation, custom cabinetry and masonry projects. Internet is available and alarm systems. Cell phone reception is adequate.

Approximate square footages:  Great Room 900; Bathroom 150; Bedroom 315; Room off patio 180; Room off patio 120; Loft 435 

 Total 2100 Sq. feet livable + patios



Approximate square footages:  Great Room 900; Bathroom 150; Bedroom 315; Room off patio 180; Room off patio 120; Loft 435 

 Total 2100 livable + patios

Regarding repairs:

It would depend on what you want to do to the house. It is a personal choice; but some of the repairs we think are necessary are as follows: 

Solar panels, inverter, wiring.
Wire the house with AC wire. This can be fed thru the existing conduits that run under the foundation.

Run new propane lines from propane tank/tanks to inside the house for water heater, stove and for whatever else needs propane.

4 windows need glass replaced.

New door on bathroom that goes to the outside

There are other repairs that are not necessary immediately; but for the future like roof patches, deck refurbishing, roof replacement of patio/porch.

There are people in the area who can do all types of work.


Being in our mid 70’s now, both of us have medical issues that require us to get regular medical treatment in the states. We are unable to spend any length of time in Baja like we have in the past. This house has a lot of potential and the location is absolutely beautiful.